About Us

Tair Wei Enterprise was established in 1981, with extensive experiences, innovation and user friendliness as well ISO-9001 qualification.

Tair Wei had become one of the leading metal and wood furniture manufacturers in Taiwan, constantly in consistency with achieving higher production efficiency and quality.

Tair Wei had never ceased continuing on expansion and improvement of our automation facilities. All our workers are well trained, professionally skilled with sounding plan, with sound and strict quality control, customers are committed with innovative and intelligent design of outstanding and quality at lowest prices. 

Tair Wei had also enjoyed high reputation and credit from customer of the field. To be the niche in this internationally competitive market as well work team with the customers.

The entire Tair Wei crews are dedicated with enormous efforts in creating even better quality furniture, enriching and enlightening people's daily lives, as well as serving our prestigious goal as one of corporate community members. 30 years of dedication on research and development of new products with fantastic design and practical functions.